Doc’s Acadian Superette

Recipes, Experiments, and Musings from the Superette Test Kitchen

Lafayette’s Reuben Sandwich

For a good reuben sandwich, you need a good pastrami or corned beef.  We smoke up a great pastrami and we use this for our local version of the reuben sandwich.

Homemade Butter

Why make your own butter when the grocery is packing a simpler product that is just as good? Check out the top 4 reasons and the method for making your own butter.

Kind-of-Cajun Smoked Pastrami

This adapted pastrami recipe omits the traditional aromatic bouquet to keep it more in line with the authentic repertoire of cajun flavors. The smoky flavor is still there in full force.

Welcome to Our First Website

The Acadian Superette has been around for a long time, but this is the first time we’ve had a website to show off our food, friends, and events. Welcome!